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MBA Project Management Courses

University of Canterbury Rehua


When a top-tier New Zealand University wanted a brand new Project Management course for its 2019 and 2020 MBA programmes, we were able to deliver. We created both a traditional classroom-based course, and a series of online video-shorts for its blended-learning offerings.

Project Brief

• Design, create and deliver a full MBA Project Management course for classroom delivery
• Film a project-fundamentals video series at the university recording studio
• All course delivery and assessment
• Ongoing MBA project supervision


We designed this course to give business leaders the knowledge, understanding and confidence to deliver their strategic objectives through effective project management. It was important that this made no assumption on level of project management experience of the participants, or level of project management maturity within their organisation.

To ensure this course was well grounded – yet leading-edge – established international best practice (as recognised by bodies including the APM, PMI and Agile Alliance) was used as a foundation for new-and-emerging thinking; along with case studies and examples from across government and industry.

Benchmarking against a selection of the top MBA Project Management offerings from around the World confirmed that this course was globally competitive.


✓ High-quality classroom-based MBA course delivered over 3-month period
✓ Excellent student feedback: ‘Very Good’ 37%, ‘Excellent’ 63%
✓ Blended-leaning video-series designed and presented
✓ Satisfied client, with follow-on contracts awarded